The State of

As foreshadowed earlier this year, we’ve closed for further position reporting and existing accounts have been frozen.

Due to some unforeseen moves at Skipr’s hosting company, the forecast December change to has been somewhat abrupt. However, we’re working on providing an archive of all users’ position reports, to be published online next month, January 2020. [update 29/2: we’re making progress, but it’s quite a lot of work and the archive won’t be up until some time in March ’20 – sorry!]

Of course you can obtain a position report listing and along the way provide some funding for the ongoing archive of the site as described here.

Obtaining a full listing of position reports

Some people have asked me to provide a full download of position reports from their account.

While, of course, all position reports are accessible online, I’ve been asked for a dump of all position reports.

If anyone would like a full dump of all their position reports in the system, I’d be happy to supply that in return for a small contribution toward keeping the system online.

So if you’d like a “dump” of all your position reports, send me an email with your details and deposit $15 into our account to help with hosting costs for the site into the future. Bank account details are as follows:

Westpac Branch: 732-837
Account: 603181
Name: Joy Watson & Marius Coomans

So, the more people pay for position report “dumps”, the longer I can afford to keep the system online for everyone…

Updating Skipr website

We’re updating the skipr website to be compliant with the latest version of the Chrome browser. Things may look a bit unstable today while we do the work. We’ll let you know when we’re done!