The Future of

I started building this site in late 2005 in anticipation of crewing on a friend’s boat to Hobart’. My software development skills were (and are) limited, so I got much appreciated help from Steve Couch and my brother Herman to build the first and subsequent versions of While initially it was built for my own benefit, I opened it up to other sailors and, over time, thousand of boats joined the system.

While the site gets some ad revenue to help defray running costs, all of its development and maintenance was done pro-bono, just for the love of it.

Since its launch, technology has moved on. Boat crew have easy access to online services. Facebook and Twitter dominate the Social Media ‘space’. In 2011, Joy and I sold our boat and has only received minimal maintenance. Its usage is dwindling without new features. Software has evolved over the past 10 years or so and consequently some aspects of the site no longer work as desired and the only remedy would involve a full re-write of the system. So. I’ve made the difficult decision to start planning its “demise”.

Because a number of loyal users still rely on the system, I want to give sufficient notice of its closure, so here is a time table:

1 September 2019 – No further new user registrations
1 December 2019 – No further user interaction ( no more position reports or edits )
1 January 2020 – New front page with access to archived information.

To be clear, may be used “as is” throughout the 2019 winter cruising season. At this stage, the exact format of the archive after 1 January remains to be determined, as well how long it will be available for.

Marius Coomans