Position Reporting – Tips & Tricks

It’s been a few years since we updated our position reporting “screen”. And perhaps time to highlight a few tips & tricks on how to report your position using a PC, Tablet or Phone.
Most of this is self-explanatory, but to get the most out of its features, below are a some of its highlights:

updateThe Update button appears when an automatic position is available, tap it to transfer that position to the Lat-Lon form.

markerThe Green Marker represents the position in the Lat-Lon form. The marker may be moved manually to refine the Lat-Lon form values. Just drag the marker with your finger or mouse.

arrowThe Geo (Arrow) button appears when an automatic position is available. Tap it to zoom and centre on that position (marked by a blue dot)./skp/

marker zoomThe Marker button appears when there is a Lat-Lon value in the form. Tap it to zoom and centre the marker.

Manual Entry
And of course you can simply enter numeric values into the Lat-Lon form (minutes may include a decimal fraction). A marker will appear on the map to indicate the entered position. Alternatively,  just double click on the map and drag the marker to where your position is, lat-lon will automatically be updated!

Classic Reports
The old position report form is still available, simply click on the “Use ‘Classic’ Position Report” link. It will remember your preference and next time you’ll get the classic report again.

Use with a phone
Modern phone have beautifully crisp screens, but their size make is harder to use than a tablet or computer. Here is a trick:
In stead of the standard Position Reporting menua item, bookmark this link  or add it to your home screen (https://skipr.net/skp/positionentry.php). It uses the full screen of your device for the reporting function:

Note, you will need to be “logged-in”to Skipr on the phone before you can use this, go to https://skipr.net/login first ( that will only be necessary once).

More information.
Skipr.net stores all position report times as GMT and now uses your computer’s time zone setting when reporting.

Editing historical positions with the new page will display them in GMT time only, as does the list of entries under the “Edit Position” menu. However the Classic Position Reporting is still in your local time.

Your comments, likes and/or dislikes are welcome, here is our feedback form or if something appears ‘broken’, email support@skipr.net