Live Firing Activities – Shoal Bay Area

Military exercises in the Shoal Bay (Qld) area are a bit of a challenge for those heading South after their Whitsundays cruise this year. The area is closed from 2 October to 26 November 2015 with no anchoring anywhere in the area.
UPDATE 14/10: It look like the authorities have relented and access to popular anchorages is now allowed – refer to this Notice to Mariners (304) for further information.

One thought on “Live Firing Activities – Shoal Bay Area”

  1. Last time a full closure of all anchorages in the shoal waterbay area occurred, it was published that they would always leave one anchorage available for private vessels. To leave no safe areas in this rather rough stretch of coast leaves many boaties to face overnight sailing frequently shorthanded for such a passage. I would like to know how the residents of Stanage get on, seeing as they appear to live in a live firing zone?, are they given helmets and armoured jackets, and perhaps even an air raid siren, so they can take to their small boats to get away from the land danger, only to come against the Navy, maybe even the American Navy. is this goodbye to Alf and others who have always been that helpfull VMR voice during passage in this area? Good luck to everyone in Stanage, we hope you survive.

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