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Sydney Boatshow ( catch up?)
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I’m pleased with the positive feedback we’ve received about the new position reporting page. It’s the first phase of a re-design of the site to:
  • make it more tablet (iPad) friendly,
  • updating the boat pages to the latest version of Google Maps and
  • adding further social features.
The Currently Cruising page is “bursting at the seams” with the large number of boats now actively reporting on Skipr, so we’re looking to provide a “friends page” where you can choose which boats to “follow”.  Do you have any other suggestions for improvements? Email us.

Sydney Boatshow

Yes, it’s time again for the Sydney Boatshow. I’ll be attending the Nancy Knudsen’s “Cruising Masterclass” on Saturday and look forward to catching up with some of you there. In any case, is anyone interested in meeting up for a cup of coffee around 0900 that day (3rd Aug)? I’m always keen to catch up with Skiprs “in the flesh”. If so, drop me a line.

Tips & Tricks

* We’ve started a calendar of events and meetings relevant to cruising sailors. Email us with any additional entries / suggestions.
* Marilyn keeps on producing Coastal Cruising Companion newsletters – we keep on posting them here.
* Sailing further afield? Email only connection? Join Skipr Plus to report your position via Satellite phone, Sailmail or simply by email.

Support us by joining Skipr Plus

We’re committed to keeping free and easy, but inevitably there are real world expenses. We get a modest amount from sponsorships and advertising, but you can help by joining our Skipr Plus Programme (only $49.95 per year) or by buying one of our range of cruising guides. Your support is appreciated and helps us grow and maintain the service.
Fair winds and see you in Sydney next week!

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