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Hobart Skipr Meetup 
New Reporting page
Alternative ways to report your position
Off the beaten track
For those of you on the East Coast of Australia, I hope you and your boat survived some terrible weather over the past few weeks – it’s a good time to head South, speaking of which…

Hobart Skipr Meetup

The Wooden Boat Festival and the start of the Van Diemensland Circumnavigation provide a great excuse to spend some time in Hobart again this year. With so many of us in one place, it would be a shame not to have an opportunity for “Skiprs” to meet up. So we organised our first “Skipr Meetup”. Well, organised is a big word, it’s like being anchored near a few other boats – introduce your self and have a yarn. So we (Marius and Joy) are having breakfast next Sunday (10th Feb) at the Harbour Lights Cafe  At T42 – Elizabeth Street Pier from 0830 hrs and it would be fun for us to meet up! More info

New Position Reporting page

You might have seen some references to our new position reporting page. It is part of an effort to overhaul some of the website. While we provide new features, it is important not to lose the basic simplicity of and your feedback is important to us. The new position reporting page provides immediate feedback about your location when you enter your position manually, while auto-filling it using the built-in GPS of iPads (and similar) Give it a try and let us know what you think.

Alternative ways to report your position

While we’re discussing the new position reporting, this might be a good time to remind you that we have a bunch of different ways to report your position. Such as the Web App for smart phones like the iPhone and Android varieties (it works with tablets as well) and by Satellite phone or Sailmail. We’re even compatible with that nifty satellite communicator, the inReach. Have a look at our How to page.

Off the beaten track

It’s fun to see what is being used for and I love getting a surprise. For example, Nellie Dick is exploring the Antarctic (hint: Robert might be on a cruise boat instead) and seeing the James Craig pop up on its way to Hobart. A few of you have also used Skipr to chronicle your land travel, like Sue and Brian, they used our Campers and Drivers facility. We hope to see more landlubbers there this year (Joy and I will be).


We’re committed to keeping free and easy, but inevitably there are real world expenses. We get a modest amount from sponsorships and advertising, supplemented by our Skipr Plus Programme (only $49.95) and sales of cruising guides. Your support is appreciated and helps us grow and maintain the service.

See you in Hobart this Sunday!

4 thoughts on “Newsletter February 2013”

  1. Hi – just tried the new position reporting page and love it. I am part of a syndicate and often relay on the other owners to report their positions so that I camn keep all owners up to date on our boat ‘Trim’s position. With this new system, I am able to adjust reported positions when they are clearly inaccurate eg in the middle of an island or ‘make-up’ a position when only told where the boat is anchored but no word on lat and long. When will this new feature go live?

    regards Bruce Stewart

  2. Bruce, it is live now.

    Were not entirely happy with the user interface and you can’t yet use it to edit previously posted positions.

    So it will evolve a bit from here, but you’re welcome to use it to report ‘for real’.

  3. Hi – I still get the old position reporting page when I press ‘report position’ under the ‘My Boat’ tab even though I am logged in.

  4. Bruce,

    Yes, we will keep the “old” page as the default until we’re completely happy with the new page.
    You can click-through to the new page by clicking “try it now”.
    For convenience, you could bookmark the new page. If you’re on an iPad, you can even have a “Web App” on your desktop, the same way as we do with the Smartphone version (about:howto).
    Hope that helps!


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