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Latest Cruising guides for Eastern Australlia (and how to buy them…)
Tips and Tricks to make the most of Skipr
Campers and Drivers – Skipr for landlubbers.
Cruising in Company – Island Cruising Association
Join Skipr Plus
In case you didn’t catch up…

Latest Cruising Guides
You can now buy the latest cruising guides online from the Skipr website. What’s more, Skipr Plus members can buy at a discount! Recent additions include Marilyn Graham’s Coastal Cruising Companion and a recent update to Beacon to Beacon. And we’re about to start shipping a much updated and enhanced Rob’s Passage Planner! Read more about the new Planner

Tips & Tricks

  • Have you ever wished you could see a track in its full glory on a large monitor? Go to, select the boat you’re interested in and click on “Show Track”
  • Do you want the map on your page to always show positions from a specific date? Go to the Control Panel (under “My Boat”) and select the”Default map display start date”. Many users set that date to the start date of a cruise.

Campers and Drivers
As much as cruising sailors enjoy life on a boat, they often also enjoy a bit of “land cruising”. So we recently started a special page for “Campers and Drivers” (it’s under the “Where Is” menu). Next time you’re planning a driving holiday, start an account on the Campers and Drivers page and let your friends and family follow along on land as well!

Cruising in Company
The Island Cruising Association (out of New Zealand) is well into their Western Pacific Rally, as you might have seen on our front page or here on the Notebook Blog. John Martin (Windflower) does a great job “herding cruisers” around the Pacific and carries a wealth of experience. As part of the cruise / rally, John is also setting up a series of seminars as he cruises the East Coast of Australia South towards Hobart later this year. Well worth catching up with John if you get a chance. More information about the seminars on the ICA website.

Join Skipr Plus
Our Skipr Plus Program is off to a flying start. We’re encouraged by the number of Skipr users who have joined up sofar and we’re working steadily on expanding the range of benefits available to Skipr Plus members. But most of all, joining Skipr Plus helps us grow and maintain the Skipr service. Why not join today?

In case you didn’t catch up
Our June Photography competition was won by Shikama with runners up Opal Lady and Orca. Photos and story.

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