AIS part 3.5

RT650-MOB.jpgI’ve been busy with some other projects, so part 4 of the AIS series (about full AIS transponders) is on hold – hopefully we’ll get back into it next week.

In the meantime, here is another very geeky VHF receiver with AIS built-in, the French built NaviCom RT650 MOB. Not only that, but it also features a wireless mic, integrated MOB tags and DSC automatic calling.
Amazing! [via the always interesting Panbo]

One thought on “AIS part 3.5”

  1. Hi,
    Have just completed fitting the Oceantalk AIS transponder and associated equipment, VHF ant, GPS ant etc.
    This is connected to my computer running Nobeltec VNS software as my plotter.
    Have only used it in harbour but so far looks really good.
    This was very simple to install and at under $1000.00 should be good value.
    Benn Hardie
    MV Tidahapah

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