Tracking your boat just got even easier

skiprlogo.pngWe’ve been tracking yachts on this site for almost 4 years. Over the coming year, we’re expecting to introduce more ways to conveniently track your boat. Most of those features assume internet access while at sea. But we’re not forgetting internet deprived boats. From today, we’re starting a trial allowing users to submit position reports by mobile phone. You’ll still have to register your boat as per usual (here’s how), but to submit a position report, you can send us a SMS text message in the following format:

date time latitude longitude comment

for example:

D20090731 T1230 S33 39.387 E151 18.169 <Did our best to secure the boat with the onset of the seasonal Westerly winds>

  • Separate items with spaces  no special characters other then the <> brackets around the comment text. 
  • D(ate) in year month day format as one number
  • T(ime) in 4 digit 24 hour clock notation
  • S or N to denote latitude in degrees and decimal minutes (separated by a space)
  • E or W to denote longitude in degrees and decimal minutes (separated by a space)
To start the service, register as normal and email “skipper at skipr dot net” with the phone number you’ll be using to submit reports.

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