Keeping up to date

I’ve been adding some items to the Skipr website and finding new ways for folks to be kept up to date.TurnLeft.jpg

Resource Pages
We recently added a page with cruising guides and one with useful links. They are primarily for those cruising North this winter, but should be useful for others as well. You’ll find them in the right hand margin of this page, under “Ports & Anchorages”.
New Mailing List for heading North
Apart from the TurnLeft mailing list which we just started, don’t forget about the Planet Skipr mailing list. It collects stories from this site and adds them to headlines from You receive everything that’s happening in one email per day. Now that Cruising Helmsman is publishing some of their articles online (via My Sailing), I’ve added them to the system, so you’ll see their headlines as well in the “Daily Planet”. If you’re not already getting them, subscribe here.
You’ll see increasing mention in the press about Twitter. While to the uninitiated, it might sound like yet another techie obsession, check it out. The idea is to write short entries about “what you ‘re doing now”. Others can easily your activities and you can follow others, so it encourages social interaction. For example, I have a @skiprdotnet account on twitter where I write whenever I add something to this site. I also have an account for @TeMoana, where I write about what we’re doing on the boat.
I’m working on an extension to the Skipr boat tracking service to (optionally) send a message to a twitter account whenever a position report is entered. It would allow anyone with their Twitter account.