Turn Left – a Cruising Mailing list

We’ve set up a new mailing list to encourage “a conversation” between those of us hoping to sail North this winter, have done it or just dream about it.

To join, go to the registration page or simply send an email to “skipper at skipr dot net”.

After you join, please send an introductory message to the list and make yourself at home. Blatant commercial messages are discouraged. We welcome any messages about your travels, experiences, problems and solutions, associated with sailing up and down the Australian coast line.

Maritime meeting notes and more

BSCBURGEEHere is an interesting account of a meeting at the Balmain Sailing Club (website) attended by NSW Maritime. It covers the use of mooring, anchoring in the harbour and various contentious issues (such as whether you can pee overboard). An excellent account which will settle many a sundowner discussion. Download the Meeting Account here (PDF).

By the way, there is another interesting document on Radio Communications at the Balmain Club’s website, written by Allan Adolphson for a cruise to Hobart in 2007. A very comprehensive guide, good to have on board. Download Allan’s Guide (PDF).

Definitive listing of VMR stations

Now that there is to be improved coordination between the Coastal Patrol and Coast Guard flavours of Volunteer Marine Rescue organisations, we now have a definitive list of VMR stations in NSW on the Coastal Patrol Website. Unfortunately, it appears only linked from inside “New Standard Operating Procedures for more effective NSW Offshore Vessel Tracking“, rather than clearly linked from the site’s menu.

Because of  the way the Coastal patrol site was designed, you can’t simply save the URL of a page. As of today (10 Feb 09), here is the link to the latest VMR list (including their email addresses – Whoopee!).
I hope Coastal Patrol doesn’t change this URL every time the list gets updated. I’ll try and keep the link up to date, please leave a comment if the link appears broken…

[Update December 2012  The Coastal Patrol website is no longer active – the Marine Rescue website now covers the operation of Volunteer Marine Rescue stations in New South Wales. Unfortunately there no longer seems to be a downloadable list of stations, although you can find details for individual stations from this page. For anyone who prefers to have a printed list of coastal stations with contact details handy – Rob’s Passage Planner is an excellent source of such information]