Disposing of Flares (Afloat)

AfloatCover It’s an old one but a goodie… How do you dispose of out-of-date distress flares? Robin Copeland in this month’s (Feb 09) Afloat, has an editorial about disposal methods – finding no really practical options. Walking into a Police Station with wide eyes, saying “look what I just found” will probably work…

The best option I have found to dispose of flares is as part of a safety-at-sea course or exercise which are regularly held by sailing clubs like the RPAYC. It gets you experience in activating them, as well as giving an opportunity to dispose of unwanted flares.

By the way, great magazine, Afloat. Great price, Good value. Did you know that you can read it online? You can safely subscribe to their email – no spam – just a monthly email with a list of articles – recommended.

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