Practical Boat Owner

PBOcover Practical Boat Owner (PBO) is one of my favourite magazines. It’s reviews are excellent and it often has interesting cruising accounts. It’s focus on UK/French destination is less relevant to us in Australia, but even without that, there usually enough in there to justify the cover price. Even better, much of the magazine is online. There is a sample issue online, as of this writing, the January issue is here.

In that issue, there is a good article about AIS. I’ve been thinking about getting AIS on a new plotter I am purchasing later this year in preparation for next year’s cruising adventure. Does anyone have any experience with it around Australia?

Book Review – Off Watch by Alan Lucas

OffWatch Off Watch is an off beat kind of book. As Alan Lucas might have put it in his introduction, it is a book of left-overs. Bits of research that didn’t find a home anywhere else, but were too good to throw away. Essentially it is a collection of tidbits that might have found their way into a cruising guide as a footnote or sidebar.

Most of the entries are no longer than a couple of paragraphs and none of them are longer than a page. They are arranged by topic and the 204 page book features a comprehensive index.

It is self published by Alan Lucas and distributed by Boat Books. The price in Australia is $29.95.

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Click for larger mapApart from writing here more or less regularly, I have also started capturing information about places where we’ve been. Click on the map for more details or you can see a list on the right.

Not sure how this will evolve or how useful it will be to others, time will tell.

Comments or contributions are most welcome. Use the comments here or send me an email at “marius at coomans dot com”.